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Hangzhou guokong electric power technology co., ltd

It is a high-tech enterprise and a strategic partner of many third-party payment institutions
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    Hangzhou Guokong Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2013 with a registered capital of RMB 30 million, is a national high-tech enterprise. The company's main business is charging piles for electric vehicles, payment equipment, and power intelligent overall system products. The company is committed to independent research and development and production of products. Including independent research and development of core components, equipment design, production and so on. Hangzhou Guokong now has a main factory and a branch factory, which is located in Deqing County, Huzhou City, with a building area of about 10,000 square meters. The factory is mainly responsible for the production of original parts and the storage of equipment. There are HVDC high-voltage DC workshop, charging pile workshop, sheet metal workshop and plastic spraying workshop. The factory is located in Xihu Science and Technology Park, Xihu District, Hangzhou, with a building area of about 3000 square meters. The factory is mainly responsible for product research and development, testing, assembly and production of some equipment and processing and production of electronic motherboards. There are dust-free workshops such as electronic circuit research and development room, electricity laboratory and assembly line. The factory of West Lake Science and Technology Park adopts dust-free and antistatic workshop with high purification level to ensure the effective production of electronic mainboards.
    Now the company is a director of China Electric Vehicle Charging Technology and Industry Alliance, vice chairman of Zhejiang New Energy Automobile Industry Alliance, member of Zhejiang New Energy Automobile Industry Alliance Expert Committee and member of Zhejiang New Energy Automobile Technical Standards Committee. Won the Industry Outstanding Contribution Award and Technology Innovation Award for many times. Over the years, the company has undertaken the drafting of many industry standards, such as wireless charging, charging and billing, etc. 
    In 2018, the company's high-power charging pile group management system under special environment (high dust, high salt spray, etc.) and automatic dynamic monitoring power adjustment charging pile group were well received by the industry. The company's charging pile products include: DC pile (60 kW single gun, 120 kW double gun, 180 kW and above split pile), AC pile (7 kW, 22 kW), special pile (advertising pile, smart light pole pile, courtyard light pile, etc.). 

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    Hangzhou GuokongElectric Technology Co., Ltd.,is a high-tech enterprise. It is the strategic partner of several third party payment institutes and possesses the instant exchange cloud computing service platform. Guokong Tech is located in Zhejiang University science and Technology Park, Hangzhou, China. It is is a domestic leading developer and manufacturer for both financial payment and new EV charging piles.It devotes to research, design, production and sale of numerous systems and products such as power lightning protection system, intelligent electric products, automatic service system, platform interactive system and multimedia digital system etc.
    Guokong Techhas the comprehensive advantages of Zhejiang University, following the development concept of "independent innovation lead to the future". The company has a strong R&D team with advanced technology, which more than 85% of the team is undergraduate, up 10% is with high and intermediate technical titles and professional and technical personnel of master's degree and doctor's degree. Meanwhile,based on the principle of customer-centric, Guokong Tech is ongoing research and gradually launch more new products to meet market demand.
    Guokong Techtakes “continuous improve and advance with the times” as its main principle in the field of electric and will assume the social responsibility in Chinese informationization driving to industrialization.
    LOGO of Guokong Tech uses the initials words of GuoKong "G" "K" to construct a SanQing bird image (SanQing bird has three feet , it is the messenger of the queen Mother of west ). Use the SanQing bird to transfer the latest technology products, to be the tache between customers and Guokong Tech. The wings symbolizes positive and vigorous attitude. "Blue from indigo plant is deeper than its origin" gives Guokong Tech the spirit of standing principles and innovation.

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