GK-AC-220B AC charging pile
  • GK-AC-220B AC charging pile

GK-AC-220B AC charging pile

Product parameter Applicable environment: outdoor Output rated power: 7KW(220V AC 32A) Product size: 400mmx280mmx120mm Input rated power: 220V AC 50Hz

GK-AC-220B 交流充电桩 

Product parameter 

Applicable environment: outdoor Output 

rated power: 7KW(220V AC 32A) 

Product size: 400mmx280mmx120mm

Input rated power: 220V AC 50Hz

Product weight: ≈10Kg Weight: ≈10Kg

Storage temperature: -30~70℃ 

Column size: 120x60x1420mm 

Working temperature: -25~55℃ 

Column base size: 300x300x5mm 

Operating humidity: 5%~95%

Column weight: 8Kg 

Storage relative humidity: ≤95% 

Cable length: 5m 

Protection grade: IP54 

Charging standard: in line with GB/T 18487.1 -2015 

Main function

Multifunctional charging: The charging pile has the functions of charging according to the amount of electricity, charging according to the amount and automatic charging (stopping when full). 

Protection function: When the connection is abnormal during charging, the charging pile can automatically cut off the output power and install an emergency stop button. 

Charge card payment function: The charging pile is equipped with IC card reading device, which supports reading contact IC card and realizes charging control and charging charge. 

Metering and timing functions: AC electric energy metering conforms to GB/T28569, and has the functions of calculating charging amount and charging time. 

Self-inspection function: charging pile has self-inspection and fault alarm functions, which can support remote upgrade, monitoring, reset and restart. 

Communication function: charging pile has the function of communicating with superior monitoring and management system, and supports CAN bus, Ethernet, GPRS and other communication modes. 

Charging reservation: Lock the charging station according to the reservation information of the superior interactive platform, and reserve the charging station for the user. 

Multi-means payment: Support third-party payment platforms, bank cards, mobile payment and other means