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Hangzhou guokong electric power technology co., ltd

It is a high-tech enterprise and a strategic partner of many third-party payment institutions
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    The company is committed to products  
    Independent research and development and production
    Seven years of experience, famous brand
    Equipment storage

    The factory is mainly responsible for the production of original parts and the storage of equipment. There are HVDC high-voltage DC workshop, charging pile workshop, sheet metal workshop and plastic spraying workshop.

    covered area
    It has a general factory and a branch factory. The general factory is located in Deqing County, Huzhou City, with a building area of about 10,000 square meters. The factory is located in Xihu Science and Technology Park, Xihu District, Hangzhou, with a building area of about 3000 square meters.
    Independent research and development
    With electronic circuit research and development room, electricity laboratory, assembly line and other dust-free workshops. The factory of West Lake Science and Technology Park adopts dust-free and antistatic workshop with high purification level to ensure the effective production of electronic mainboards.
    为什么选择 杭州国控电力科技有限公司?
    Cloud computing service
    Cloud computing service platform with instant exchange
    Core technology
    Have advanced core technology advantages
    Research and development manufacturer 
    Leading domestic financial payment R&D manufacturers
    Service guarantee
    Strong R&D team
    “Service  服务
    24 hours+service, improve pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale
    Free installation guide
    Routine monthly inspection
    Commissioning the machine on site
    preventive maintenance
    “ Hangzhou guokong electric power technology co., ltd  
    Excellent quality and guaranteed quality!
    Is a high-tech enterprise
    The company is a director of China Electric Vehicle Charging Technology and Industry Alliance, vice chairman of Zhejiang New Energy Automobile Industry Alliance, member of Zhejiang New Energy Automobile Industry Alliance Expert Committee and member of Zhejiang New Energy Automobile Technical Standards Committee. Won the Industry Outstanding Contribution Award and Technology Innovation Award for many times.
    “ Hangzhou guokong electric power technology co., ltd 
    “ Hangzhou guokong electric power technology co., ltd 
    Committed to providing you with more suitable products 
    Advanced core technology advantages and strong R&D team 
    Pilotage pioneer, comprehensive products
    Independent innovation and leading the future

    The company's main business is charging piles for electric vehicles, payment equipment, and power intelligent overall system products. The company is committed to independent research and development and production of products. Including independent research and development of core components, equipment design, production and so on.

    Among them, employees with bachelor degree or above account for 85%. Professional and technical personnel with high and intermediate technical titles and master's and doctor's degrees account for more than 10%, which is a highly educated, multi-professional and wide-background team.

    Brand certification

    Development concept

    Technological innovation

    Professional team 

    Founded in 2013, the registered capital is 30 million yuan
    Follow the development concept of "independent innovation and leading the future"
    The company will adhere to the principle of keeping pace with the times and sincere service in the field of electric power
    Technical team with high education, multi-discipline and wide background

    Charging pile platform management


    Diversity of payment

    Card swiping, code scanning and small program payment

    Independent fund account

    Payment data is directly posted to customers

    Fully functional api interface

    Realize the autonomy and diversification of access systems

    Multi-account login

    Customer data View charging pile data transaction data in real time